Wings Financial Credit Union Review

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Wings Financial is a credit union headquartered in Apple Valley, Minnesota. With assets of over $7.9 billion, it is the third largest credit union in the country. The credit union provides financial services for members and employers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area as well as the Seattle/Tacoma metro area. Members of the credit union are typically employed in the airline industry.

Wings Financial credit union was founded in 1938. Although it began as a credit union that serviced employees of a single airline, it has expanded to serve employees of 54 airlines and the community of Minneapolis/St. Paul and Seattle/Tacoma, Washington. The company is federally insured by the NCUA.

Wings Financial’s investment money market account doesn’t have monthly service fees, but it requires a minimum deposit of $5,000 to open. The downside to this account is that you can’t access your money without a debit or ATM card or by writing a check. However, it offers a wide range of online services that help you manage your money.

Wings Financial’s approach to marketing to consumers has helped it become one of the most trusted credit unions in the country. Its marketing messages have a more human connection to people than traditional bank advertisements do. By connecting empathy with the truth, they have been able to inspire trust and boost membership levels. This has led to record numbers of new members joining and loan approvals.

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