The Financial News Network

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Founded by Glen H. Taylor, the Financial News Network (FNN) was a leading financial television network. Its principal studio was in Santa Monica, California. The company served a small investor audience, including Merrill Lynch, and the network launched an “infomercial” – a commercial dressed up as investment advice – in 1990.

The network expanded into prime time programming last year. But it is quickly losing value. And the company’s assets are a prime target for a buyer.

The Financial News Network is currently owned by Infotechnology Inc. The company has been in business for almost ten years, and is in 35 million households. It is backed by NBC network, which has some ownership of the company. Its primary competition is CNBC. The network is known for its sometimes awkward mix of news.

There are three main components of the network: business news, financial news, and sports news. The business news part includes interviews with North American CEOs and live market-making analysis. The financial news portion includes reports on foreign markets, and FNN analyzes the domestic and foreign markets.

The financial news network also boasts a number of original lifestyles programs. These include the “Power Profile”, hosted by actor Wayne Rogers, which looks at real estate investment and tips for business travelers. The channel also includes “The American Entrepreneur”, a sort of financial Charles Kuralt.

The network has a few unique features, such as its “Live Market-Making News” program, which offers interviews with leading investment experts.

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