Takaful Malaysia

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Takaful Malaysia is the first takaful operator in Malaysia. It manages the Family Takaful business, as well as owns 100% of Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Am Berhad, which operates the General Takaful business. It has a diverse range of products to meet the needs of its clients.

Takaful Malaysia has been serving Malaysians for 29 years and is the largest player in Group Family Takaful, accounting for 40% of the local market. The company has over two million policies in force. Takaful Malaysia is one of the country’s first Takaful operators, and has set the standard for the industry.

The company has consistently posted double-digit sales and net profit growth. It is the only insurance provider in the country that offers 15% Cash Back to customers. This cash back represents RM27 million annually. In addition, Takaful Malaysia is continually improving its cybersecurity capabilities and will continue to expand its portfolio. The company’s financial performance is impressive and it anticipates continued growth in its business.

Takaful Malaysia is committed to providing customers with personalised and innovative services. It is constantly looking for new ways to deliver value and makes its services more accessible to consumers. This commitment to its customers has seen the company introduce new online Takaful products and a mobile app.

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