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Cryptocurrency news is a constant stream these days, and the latest in this regard is the announcement of StrongBlock, a new project that aims to reward nodes in the Ethereum network with a native token named STRNGR. The company recently warned investors that this project is prone to attacks. This is a particularly concerning news considering the fact that the STRONG token has suffered heavy losses this year.

The STRONG token has undergone an extremely fruitful 2021, reaching a high of $44 in October of that year, but has since plummeted dramatically. The company, which was founded by pioneers of the blockchain technology, aims to add secure decentralised blockchains to any application.

The price of Strong is positively correlated with the top 10 coins in terms of market cap, excluding stablecoins. This means that a move in one coin will lead to a similar move in another. On the other hand, if Strong is negatively correlated with another, then a move in one coin will translate into a negative move in the other.

The team behind StrongBlock is comprised of enterprise software veterans. Its chief technology officer and chief product officer see blockchain as the way of the future. This means that they will work to make blockchains accessible to everyone. In addition to this, they are also working to make it easier for anyone to become involved in blockchains. If you’re curious about how to get involved in the blockchain revolution, you should read this Strong coin news.

StrongBlock is an innovative blockchain protocol that rewards nodes who participate in improving public blockchain performance. The company also offers a node-as-a-service tool that makes it easy to start a node without the need for technical knowledge. And it doesn’t even require a server to run a node.


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