SEI Investments (NYSE: SEI)

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The company, SEI Investments, is a financial services provider. Its headquarters are in Oaks, Pennsylvania. It describes itself as a global provider of investment processing, management, and operations solutions. SEI also provides a range of services in the area of wealth management and investment consulting. Although it has recently announced a change in its name, the company was previously known as Simulated Environments Inc.

SEI Investments is executing a growth strategy, primarily by penetrating its existing markets and entering adjacent markets. It is also developing new platforms and solutions to target independent RIAs and global wealth managers. It is also planning new product lines and investing heavily in research and development. It has over 50 years of experience developing innovative solutions and continually invests in product development to meet new needs and address regulatory changes.

SEI Investments has a diverse client base and a solid value proposition. The company’s market cap is $8 billion and it has consistently grown its revenue and earnings. As a result, investors have been satisfied with its performance. SEI is a good stock to consider for long-term investors. Its stock is not particularly expensive compared to its peers and has a solid track record of dividend payouts.

SEI Investments’ fee structure is highly flexible. It varies depending on the types of services offered. Some of these fees are performance-based and are based on a percentage of assets under management. These fees can range from 0.10% to 1.25% of AUM, with a decrease as a client’s AUM increases.

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