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If you are looking for OMI coin news, you have come to the right place. This project was created by a Singapore-based tech company called ECOMI. This company is a leader in the digital collectibles market. It has partnered with various brands, including Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Coca-Cola, Ghostbusters, and Universal to create a marketplace for licensed NFTs.

The price of OMI has been on the low side for a while, but recently started to climb. This is a sign that the coin is entering a buy-the-dip phase. The supply of OMI tokens is limited and will increase in the years to come. Hence, the future of OMI coin price is uncertain.

Currently, the OMI token trades at $0.0033, down 74% from its April ATH. It has a market cap of $541.2 million and daily trading volume of $4-$5 million. OMI has a strong correlation with the overall NFT market and the digital collectibles market. It uses cutting-edge technology and mainstream intellectual properties to create a platform for collectibles.

The supply of OMI is limited to 750 billion tokens. About 20 percent of the initial supply was sold in public and private sales, and the remaining 40% is locked away in reserves. This means that nearly half of the total supply will never be used by people. Nevertheless, ECOMI has a growing user base, and it has partnered with several major companies, including NBC and the Major League Baseball.

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