Meaning of Business Finance

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Business finance is the cornerstone of every organization. It refers to the corpus of funds and credit employed in a business. Business finance is required for purchasing assets, goods, raw materials and for performing all other economic activities. Precisely, it is required for running all the business operations.

To understand what business finance is, we must know that business finance includes activities concerning the acquisition and conservation of capital funds for meeting an organization’s financial needs and objectives. The importance of business finance is evident from the fact that business finance is required to undertake every business operation successfully.

The amount of capital that is pooled by a business owner into their company is often not enough to meet the financial needs of a company. Herein, the importance of business finance and its management rises even more. Consequently, business owners along with their teams look out for various other ways to generate funds.

A business may require additional funds for anything ranging from buying plant or apparatus, raw materials or further development. Different types of business finance are:

Fixed Capital
Working Capital
Technology upgrading

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