Is Moderna Stock a Buy Now?

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Investors interested in Moderna stock might be wondering whether it is a buy now or wait for the drop. The company recently announced that its share count had decreased from 405 million shares in September 2021 to 392 million shares as of June 2022. This was a result of the company’s decision to repurchase shares at lower prices.

Moderna’s recent quarterly results have been impressive. The company procured $4.7 billion in revenue, which is 9% more than the same quarter the previous year. The boost in revenue was attributed to the company’s increased product sales, particularly for its COVID vaccine. However, investors should keep in mind that the company is still a long way from commercializing its lead product candidate.

Moderna stock is currently not a buy at the current price, and is only slightly above its 50-day moving average. It is also below its 200-day line, so investors should be cautious and patient before investing. However, Moderna has demonstrated a solid track record of sales growth, and analysts expect the company to continue to see solid profits in the years to come. But these expectations are likely to diminish by 2023, as the company’s sales and profits will probably fall. Moderna’s Composite Rating, which is not yet in the upper echelon, also indicates that the stock may be a poor buy at this time. Investors should monitor Moderna’s efforts post-Covid to make a well-timed investment decision.

Moderna’s most recent program is a vaccine for cytomegalovirus, a leading cause of birth defects. It currently has several other vaccines in late-stage trials, and each vaccine represents a potentially $1 billion annual sales opportunity. In addition, the company is pursuing a range of therapeutic indications across the medical field, including cardiology and rare diseases. It has also added a pipeline of early-stage products that it plans to develop in the future.

Moderna stock is a good buy if you’re interested in mRNA drug development. Its pipeline includes many potential mRNA drugs and vaccines, and it already has a flu vaccine in development. Moderna stock can break out today as a breakout opportunity. If you’ve been waiting for this moment to buy Moderna stock, don’t miss out.

Moderna stock recently soared after Merck agreed to co-develop a personalized cancer vaccine for patients with melanoma. This vaccine will help the body produce specialized killer cells that target tumor mutations. Merck will pay the company $250 million to exercise its option to develop the drug. The two companies plan to trial the vaccine in combination with Keytruda.

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