Independent Financial Group

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Independent Financial Group is a bank holding company that offers a broad range of financial services, including checking and savings accounts, term loans, energy and equipment finance, certificate of deposits, and personal loans. These services are delivered through a digital environment that offers convenience and ease of use. The company also offers custom-designed solutions for commercial properties.

Client assets are held by a third-party custodian, which prevents a conflict of interest. Charles Schwab, for example, provides custodial services for over 7,000 firms, including independent financial advisors. However, you should remember that being registered with Charles Schwab does not guarantee the advisor’s skill.

When looking for an independent financial advisor, make sure they are registered with the appropriate securities regulatory agency. They are held to the highest standards of care and must act in the best interests of their clients. Before hiring an independent financial advisor, it is important to understand their compensation structure, credentials, and level of expertise. These three factors can help you determine which advisor is best for you.

An independent financial institution is an internationally recognized firm that provides financial advice to individuals. Unlike other financial institutions, they are not tied to any particular financial institution or financial product. A good independent financial institution has a reputation for quality service and a solid track record for providing clients with the best advice. The best independent financial advisors are the ones who have an in-depth knowledge of the financial industry.

Independent financial advisors can give you financial advice that is unbiased and objective. Since they are not tied to one financial institution, their recommendations will be based solely on the needs of the client. However, independent financial advisors may charge a higher fee because they don’t get commissions from selling products. In return, they charge their clients fees for their services.

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