How to Launch an Auction Online

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If you’re running an auction online, you need to ensure that your fundraising campaign has a wide reach to maximize your donation rates. You can do this by incorporating social media into your fundraising strategy and sharing the auction link on social media. You can also notify your major donors and corporate partners about the auction. You should also thank donors for their support through social media.

When launching an auction online, it’s important to choose the right auction platform for your business or cause. Make sure the platform you choose has several features to suit your needs. Many platforms have help centers and tutorials that can help you get started. Once you have a platform, you’ll need to create engaging auction pages that reflect your mission. Include a brief description of the product or service being sold and a starting bid. Make sure to register as a bidder as well, so that you can answer questions from registered bidders.

Promote your auction online with social media and email. Many platforms allow you to send automated emails to winning bidders. You should also create a special landing page dedicated to the auction. It’s also helpful to include information about the larger event. This way, all participants can stay informed about the event. You can also use email and text messaging to reach out to potential bidders.

Make the user journey easy and pleasant. The platform should have easy navigation for locating the items you want to sell. It should also allow for bidding and editing product listings. The site should also have automatic invoice generation and payment processing. When an auction ends, the winning bidder should be notified via email and sent a payment invoice.

One advantage of an online auction is that it reaches a wider audience. Since the auction is accessible globally, the number of people who participate can be considerably larger than at a live auction. Furthermore, online auctions can increase the level of personal connection between parents and their children. A live auction can also be limited by the size of the venue.

Another benefit of an online auction is that you can raise your bids. Many auction websites have “soft close” settings, which means that bidding will continue even if someone else bids before you. This feature gives you more time to place your bid, which is similar to bidding in person. You can also place a maximum bid, which will automatically increase if someone else bids above you.

Effective promotion is essential to any fundraising campaign, including an online auction. Potential bidders and supporters have a million other things to consider, so you need to stand out from the competition and focus on your mission and impact.

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