Gemstone Auctions

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If you’re interested in purchasing a gemstone, you may have wondered how they get their value. You can purchase gems for your collection at gemstone auctions. Many auction houses have a team of professionals who understand the markets and the value of gemstones. They also have connections with sellers and buyers.

The prices of gemstones vary according to quality and size. Some are cheaper than others. Gemstones can be single faceted stones, or rough material. Gemstones of high clarity and quality are particularly rare, and will command higher prices. Be sure to check the clarity of gemstones and their carat weights, as large stones are less desirable than those of lower clarity.

As the gemstone auction market grew in popularity, dealers began consigning their best stones to auctions. They would also set high reserve prices, which made it difficult for them to sell. Auction houses were quickly established as an important force in the gemstone industry. The April 1987 sale of the Duchess of Windsor’s jewels made auction houses a household name.

Gemstone auctions are a great way to buy the best gems. In addition to having access to a huge collection of gems, you’ll also be able to find gems that are hard to find anywhere else. And if you’re new to the world of gems, the expertise of a professional auction house will be invaluable.

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