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The FJB coin is a cryptocurrency that is worth $30.5 million. It is controlled by an operational address which controls 45% of its total supply. Despite this, there were reports of wallet lock problems and holders selling their tokens. In response to these reports, $FJB said its founders were deeply committed to the $FJB movement and were confident that it would continue to grow. While Bannon and Epshteyn declined to comment on the issue, they did say that their holdings have grown significantly over time.

As the project grows and more community members are involved, the value of the FJB coin will rise. Currently, the Let’s Go Brandon media house acts as a middleman between the author and the reader, where the writer uses FJB coin as payment for their work. The platform also allows writers to remain anonymous using any pen name they want.

The project’s aim is to create a decentralized economy through a blockchain network. Its founders claim to be able to provide censorship-resistant and open immutable ledger services to users. It also aims to create jobs in the decentralized landscape. Its website claims that over 8000 people already own the FJB coin.

Bannon has touted the $FJB coin as a way to show independence from government and the financial system. This rhetoric is based on paranoid rhetoric. He promised buyers that radicals would not be able to steal their coins if they held them. However, that is not a guarantee. It is important to keep in mind that the crypto space is full of scams and big promises.

The $FJB coin owners could also prevent users from dumping tokens. They could impose a donation on each transfer and restrict some addresses from selling when the price of the $FJB is dropping. These actions could prevent the price of the $FJB coin from falling further.

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