Fantasy Football Auction Rankings

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Buying players in an auction is the most fun way to build a fantasy football team. This is because players are nominated and bid on by other teams. This is different from a snake draft in which you are forced to choose from available players. However, you should know your limitations before attempting an auction.

The most expensive player in an auction may not be the most expensive in real life. It can also be difficult to know what to pay for. For instance, do you want to pay more for a player when you know you will have a high probability of getting the same player in the future? Or, do you want to avoid paying for players that have already been drafted?

Some people may argue that the best way to build a fantasy football team is to take the safe route. However, in an auction, a team can take a risk on players they may not otherwise consider.

The most expensive player in an auction is likely to be a running back. Running backs get injured more often than other positions. A team that has all starting RBs can also get left out of the bidding fun.

The cheapest player in an auction may be a wide receiver. Wide receivers are the deepest positions in fantasy football. If you want to be a winner, you’ll need to pick your spots well. For example, you could pick up an Indianapolis Colts running back and let your less than prepared teammates take their chance.

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