Blockchain and Bitcoin Use Cases in the Poker World

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Blockchain and bitcoin have been a big part of the online poker industry for several years now. Both have become the primary underlying technologies in the poker ecosystem. While they both have their own unique challenges, there are a number of potential use cases for blockchain and Bitcoin in the poker world. Let’s take a look at a few of those uses.

Blockchain Poker is an anonymous online casino that was developed specifically for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Players can enter a tournament or cash game instantly without having to sign up or even make a purchase. Players are protected by the anonymity of the Blockchain network, and each chip is worth a satoshi, a unit of cryptocurrency equal to one bitcoin.

Blockchain Poker allows players to deposit and withdraw using crypto-currency. This is advantageous because it allows users to use these coins without the need to convert them into fiat currencies. In addition, players can enjoy rakeback rewards for high-stakes players. The platform is easy to navigate, especially for newcomers. The site also supports multi-table tournaments, which can be beneficial for newcomers.

The rewards program at Blockchain Poker is generous and can even lure casual players. There are plenty of tournaments available, and there are free daily tournaments available as well. As long as you’re over 18, you’re eligible to join these events. However, you’ll need to check if online poker is legal in your jurisdiction.

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