Auction Basket Theme Ideas

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If you have an auction coming up, consider creating a basket themed around the season. If the weather is cold, include a basket full of hot chocolate, marshmallows, and board games. If you live in the spring or summer, you can include outdoor activities like a jump rope, sidewalk chalk, or a kite. Whatever the season, these baskets will make the recipients’ lives a little brighter. You can also choose a basket themed around your favorite holiday.

Some themes are popular and unique. For example, a basket themed around a visit to a chocolate factory can raise the value of the basket. Visitors will be thrilled to learn about the manufacturing process and get to taste the different treats made there. You can even include a subscription to a magazine. These baskets are great for family events as well.

Garden-themed baskets are a perennial favorite. The growing popularity of gardening means that more people are spending time outdoors and at home. A basket themed around gardening can include seeds, start plants, potting soil, clogs, and other supplies. A watering can also doubles as a display basket.

Another idea for a themed basket is a video game. If the recipient loves playing fantasy tabletop role-playing games, a gaming console would be a welcome addition to any basket. Video games can also be big ticket items. You can also create a basket themed around pop culture, including items from TV shows and movies.

Another theme for a gift basket is to combine a gift certificate. A gift certificate from a major retailer will encourage a donor to spend more than they would normally. Gift cards from big-name stores, such as Target or Apple, can make a great auction item. You can even include a small gift basket with accessories and chocolates.

You can also create a basket with gift cards for local restaurants and shops. The winner of the basket can then use the gift cards to shop at their favorite stores. Or you can create a basket themed around a favorite activity, such as a farmers’ market. Include a guide to what’s in season and a cooler to keep the items cool.

Creating an auction gift basket themed around a favorite hobby or interest can be a fun way to create a lasting memory for your recipient. For example, a crafty person may appreciate a collection of plush yarn and a pottery experience. Similarly, an art lover would enjoy a basket filled with unique spices and cookbooks.

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