Ally Invest Review

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If you want to close your Ally Invest account, you can do so by selling all of your holdings and wire-transfering the proceeds to a brokerage account or bank account. This process takes several days. However, it is much faster than waiting for a check to clear. If you need immediate access to your money, wire transfers are a better choice.

Ally invest offers several options for managing your portfolio, including robo-advisory. This service is offered for both individual and joint accounts, as well as Roth and Rollover accounts. These robo-advisory services use exchange-traded funds to manage your portfolio. They are based on market indexes, which means that the funds will track index performance.

Signing up for an Ally Invest account is simple. You’ll need to fill out a questionnaire to determine your investment objectives. Afterward, Ally Invest will notify you if you’re approved. New customers can also sign up for a $3,000 cash bonus on their first deposit. However, this bonus is tied to the amount of money you deposit.

Another benefit of an Ally Invest account is the competitive interest rates. These are higher than what you’d find from most brokerages. In addition, you can transfer funds between Ally accounts without incurring transaction fees. Furthermore, Ally Invest offers many different investment options. You can use your account to invest in forex, commodities, and individual retirement accounts.

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